26 artists, writers and curators consider contemporary life in 'Carton' – a new magazine where every page is like a wall in an exhibition

Featuring : 


Benjamin Westoby

Alex Da Corte 

Madeleine Pledge 

Leo Fitzmaurice  

Judy Rumbold

Ricky Adam 

Sayre Gomez 

Alastair Levy

Håkon Lillegraven

Nathaniel Faulkner 

Matilda Moors  

Zoë Mendelson  

Fenella Brereton 

Ted Le Swer  

Yoojin Lee  

Louise Ashcroft  

Fanny Hellgren  

Kevin MacNamee-Tweed 


William Pym  

Jeremy Hutchinson 

Omer Even-Paz  

Perce Jerrom

Alake Shilling

Alex Frost 

Willa Hilditch 

Contemporary magazines are often a flurry of printed advertisements. We see them in a shop lined up competing for attention – or on large billboards courting our view. Our experience of reading articles or new material comes after a short lapse in concentration. Carton is the first magazine made by Numbered Editions. Set up like an exhibition, the magazine includes original and site specific works made by artists, writers and curators. The contributors for the first issue reconsider facets of consumerism by creating parodies, anecdotes and advertisements made to be viewed on a page

Launch is taking place at Drawing Room on 5th April 2019