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Let's not take back control

Madder root dyed linen, sewn on patches, bronze bar, string

Banners in the 12th century were used in wars to help soldiers identify friends or enemies. The Put It To The People march will take place in London on Saturday 23rd March where this flag will be on show. 

On display currently at Take Back Control, Brexit Exhibition, 14th-24th March 2019 and previously shown at A Wild View, Chisenhale Art Space, 4th-9th October 2019

The shadow moves as the sun commands

A1 poster installed in billboard

The poster ​was placed inside a bus billboard in front of a recently bulldozed Romany gypsy settlement in South Bermondsey. One of the oldest residing communities left in London their community were forced to leave as the council voted on bulldozing the area in the wake of a major regeneration of the area. The quote is pulled from Romany folklore and implies hope and prosper. The intrusion is a mark of respect for both the community and reflects the concerns surrounding development. 

On display at South Bermondsey station in October 2018 for two days before being removed and replaced by an EDF hoarding.